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Specialised training for Dachshunds (and their owners)

The aim of the dogs code is to build confidence in dogs and owners to create best friends through positive training

Owner and founder Katie Saywell
Katie Saywell sitting with chip


I am Katie Saywell, the UKs leading Dachshund trainer, based in the East Midlands. Owner of a miniature black and tan smooth called Chipolata, who like all dachshunds is super smart, loyal and loving but we haven’t always had an easy time, Chipolata is one of the reasons we want to help other dachshund owners. 

I am the UKs leading Dachshund trainer and the owner and founder of The Dogs Code.

A police officer of 11 years, I hold a National Diploma in Animal Care, a Diploma in Animal Psychology and I’m a certified instructor and continue professional development with IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Training) also a member of Pet Professional Network and ICAN. My love (obsession) of dachshunds lead to my business in dog training and behaviour specifically designed for them. We are proudly in association with Dachshund Rescue UK.

Award winning entrepreneur and recognised by Dragons Den Theo Paphitis.

Whether your a new owner, an experienced owner or just want some advice on training and/or behaviour your in the right place. We want you to have your ideal dog and create best friends through positive training.

We aim to reduce owners stress, embarrassment and build your confidence as an owner.

I pride myself on force free positive training only allowing your dog to have choices (no collars/sprays or physical reprimands)

Take the stress out of training with my effective results giving your dog choices. – check out the testimonials below.

A consultation will always take place prior to any training programs being set.

Our Services

Puppy Classes online – yes online learning without dogs as distractions is the perfect place to learn, your home – socialisation isnt all about meeting and greeting its about sensory sight, smell touch sound which we can create at home.

Puppy 121 programs – You dont need to own a puppy to join the how to find a suitable breeder and puppy. The first 6 months what you need to know, house set ups and the basics of training.

Refresher classes – older dogs, rehome dogs or just a bit of fun training to refresh those boundaries

Behaviour consultations and programs, from separation anxiety to aggression and everything in between we have seen it all.

Rescue rehab hub – getting a rescue, how to introduce your rescue and work through their complex needs as a guardian

Join our 6 month training program, while being coached you will learn new skills and techniques while following our 5 step methodology

A consultation will always take place prior to any training or behaviour consultation


Understanding is exceptional

Katies knowledge and understanding is exceptional. The way she explains a dog’s behaviour really helps you understand what they do and why and then how to fix it! With rewards and positivity! Amazing.

Our confidence has grown

My Dachshund Bertie was attacked twice and it left him very barky and nervous. I got in touch with Katie at The Dogs Code. Its been hard work but we are now able to go out on walks by using the techniques Katie has shown us. Our confidence has grown and we are all much happier and Bertie focuses on me. Id highly recommend.

Professional and compassionate

After my Dachshund bit my daughter I was in a positiion where I was going to rehome him. After lengthy discussions with a rehoming charity, they recommended I speak to Katie and see if his behaviour was something we could work with. I booked an appointment and Katie came to my home and met my doggies. She was professional and compassionate from the start and her love for the breed was obvious. The 12 session was incredibly insightful and we were able to unpick the behaviour and find out what the issue had been. After the session we (as a family) were able to make the decision to keep him and work together to ensure there wasn’t a repeat incident. Katie gave us lots of advice and helpful training tips and this has led to a much more relaxed environmentfor us. I look forward to working with Katie again, with one of our other Dachshunds that has reactivity issues. I have every confidence that she will help and would definitely recommend her to others looking for help with big or small issues.


I followed the advice from Katie at The Dogs Code – Thanks a lot for the great advice and hope this helps others who have the same issues.

Given our confidence back

I was stressing about my Dachshunds bad behaviour. We had a 121 session with Katie from The Dogs Code and I couldn’t be happier. Katie is great to work with and she has given us our confidence back. Lots of practice to reinforce what we learned but a great start made – Thank you.

A big thank you

A big thank you to Katie Saywell, for helping me with my two boys over the last few months! (Especially as she only works with Dachshund owners!!) My boys have been a handful, to say the least! – When I used to walk them together it was a nightmare, always pulling on their leads and constant barking!!Even some places I knew I couldn’t walk them or let them off their leads. Very stressful But now they are as good as gold and its an actual joy to walk them and let them off their leads! – Also, I have been so frustrated with how stubborn they have been. (I know Dachshunds are known for that), but I think they took it to a new level! They wouldn’t listen and do what is asked/told! But finally, they actually listen to their Dad and Mum and do what we ask without wasting time! I know it is down to myself to give them the time, to train them, but as a busy professional it can be quite a task and to be honest, I felt so guilty that I didn’t know HOW to train them and that I didn’t start training them sooner! So I am very grateful. I now have the perfect dogs!! If we end up getting a third, I know who I’ll be coming too!

Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

We worked with Katie as we were experience a lot of barking by our dachshund and weren’t sure what to do next. We’d seen two different behaviourists over the years, but had never made much progress. After one session with Katie we felt equipped with practical tools and understanding to tackle the problem and saw improvements almost immediately. A second session really cemented everything for us. Training is an ongoing process with your dog, but we’ve felt really supported during the process and Katie is still contactable for any follow up questions. I can’t recommend the service more highly!

Professionalism and Quality

The Dogs Code has been a really helpful and engaging 4 week course, we started with our dog (Joao) at 4 months old and we’ve worked through a range of techniques and exercises to help build stronger build with our dog. Katie has an extensive knowledge of working with Dachshunds, which means you get quality lessons that work straight away. I would highly recommend anyone with a puppy Dachshund to complete The Dogs code course to set up for a great relationship with your dog.

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Pet Professional Network, this is is a business support organisation and educational platform offering ongoing CPD for force free pet professionals.

Working in collaboration with world class training and behavioural institutes, business and mindset coaches, they help raise the standards of animal welfare providing members with a safe community to grow or expand their business and connect with like-minded professionals.

I have been awarded Gold Membership after gaining a specific level of skill or competence in developing my business and a high level of skill in my field of work. This is awarded to only the most dedicated Members after a minimum of one year’s commitment to being part of our community and taking an active role in supporting others in our industry.