Online Puppy Course: August

This course is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age up to 8 months old. It will help you understand your puppy as well as enable them with valuable life skills and manners they will need as they grow.

Course Information

Calm walks, focused puppy walking along side you, listening to you, settling and returning when you ask – these are some of the skills you will learn together.
Investing in your puppies future, our comprehensive online puppy course is set out over 4 sessions designed to give you and your puppy the best possible start building your bond and creating your best friend through positive training setting you up for life.
Each session starts with a presentation followed by techniques including leave, walking on a loose lead, returning when called plus lots more also helpful tips on how to help your puppy. Then it’s time to practice with your puppy. Each sessions ends with Q&A which gives you the chance to talk about any concerns you have including problems of biting, crate training, toilet training, pulling on a lead or anything else. You will have tasks to complete in order to progress and practice what you have you learnt, so you can receive your certificate. You will also have continuous support during the month.

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Katie Saywell Katie Saywell Instructor

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